Are You a Candidate for
Weight Loss Surgery

The first step to finding out about bariatric surgery is knowing
whether or not it is an option

About The Consultation

Rebecca, the bariatric coordinator, will call you to discuss your weight loss options.  

She will provide you with information regarding weight loss and our program at the Utah Center for Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery.  

She will help you figure out the insurance side of things as well.

You'll Learn

About bariatric surgery options such as  gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy 

What has to happen before a patient qualifies for bariatric surgery 

Life after bariatric surgery 

And most importantly, how well it works

About our Bariatric Coordinator

Rebecca is an R.N. who devotes herself to managing The Bariatric Surgery Program at Jordan Valley Medical Center.

She is truly a patient advocate, and (to put it simply) she makes everything run smooth in the program.

The patients absolutely love her.

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